Relax in luxury at Chantal Landais Hair Studio, as Chantal and her experienced team take care of you. 



The studio on Jervois Road is a functional, vibrant, sophisticated space in which the team delivers exceptional hairdressing in a friendly and professional manner. 

Parking on the street is also easy and still free .

We also provide free wifi, so you can maximise your time in the studio. 



Our knowledge and partnerships with distinguished brands, as well as our continuing education, allows us to deliver the best style, technology and service to our clientele. We will listen, advise, and take great care of all your needs. 

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Chantal Landais Hair Studio has been operating in the Ponsonby and Herne Bay area over 20 years. 

Our commitment to deliver exquisite and exclusive products, has established Chantal landais Hair Studio in the great association of Auckland Hairdressers.



Chantal has spent many fulfilling years in the industry since beginning her training in France. She worked there for a number of years, before setting up in the UK during the era of the great Vidal Sassoon and Glemby Academy, until marriage to a New Zealander brought her to Auckland and a new life.

Her French background has been kept very much alive by regular trips to France, where she attends seminars  run through different Hair Companies. Chantal is passionate about all aspect of hairdressing, and the people. Watching the development of the people who have worked with her over the year and the connection with  client have certainly been a beautiful contribution to a long career which never cease to inspire her.  



Colour Expert LABIOSTHETIQUE  Sydney 2017

Irina is a very well established hair stylist in the Studio and is now a LABIOSTHETIQUE Colour Expert .Her latest trip to Sydney saw her joined a team of great stylists forming the elite of Experts Colourist within  LABIOSTHETIQUE. The grounding of her early European training and experience has certainly defined her professional path Since  arriving in NZ Irina has been attending courses, absorbing trends, and the New Zealand culture and staying true to her own identity. This achievement is a great asset for the Team and is a privilege to share with our client.

Although Irina has completed LABIOSTHETIQUE colour expert education she is still seeking inspiration and knowledge within the industry .

A fun and adventure loving young woman, Irina takes her job seriously and is committed to go  the extra mile to please. She has a real passion for hairdressing, people and her life in New Zealand. Her head massages are all part of the service .



Elodie is our latest import from France and a very keen aspiring kiwi. She trained in France and was part of the JEAN LOUIS DAVID group for many years ( Elodie is a great complement to the team. She has brought different techniques and points of difference in cutting and styling gathered in the last 14 years of her hairdressing experience. She has also started her journey into LABIOSTHETIQUE education path.

Elodie is well established in the studio and has embraced the french brand LABIOSTHETIQUE .She is well on her way of the brand education path and her enthusiasm for the industry make her a fantastic team member .The few months break sailing the Caribbean with her family prior to joining us  are now just memory and she is now ready to develop her career in Auckland. Her skills, bubbly personality and talent fit right in with us, adding to the French influence of our studio.

We're changing lives, one colour at time. Every time you visit a La Biosthetique salon you can feel beautiful on the inside too. Beginning in January 2017 La Biosthetique has been making a donation for each colour service towards Medecins Sans Frontieres ( Doctors Without Borders).

June 2015 saw the salon endorse a new brand, LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris. 

LA BIOSTHETIQUE is a much more intimate brand, closer to our salon culture. The successful transition for our clients and stylists, carries a great range of performing ”In Salon” and ”Home Care“ treatments, complimented with a comprehensive collection of shampoos and multi formula conditioners. The infinite colour chart (which we can personalise) has a fantastic colour fast quality.

In 1947 Parisian bio-chemist Marcel Contier embarked on his quest to bridge the gap between science and beauty and believed that hair stylists should deliver the highest calibre care and use his bio-identical precious formulations to unveil the most beautiful Hair. 

LA =laboratotry

BIOS=the study of living things

THETIQUE=aesthetics,the appreciation of beauty 

Thus LA BIOSTHETIQUE was born .

Many of our products rely on "controlled agriculture",the way the ingredient are grown anf harvested is sustainable and we support fair trade.LA BIOSTHETIQUE strictly forbid animal testing for any of our products .A lot of our synthetic ingredients are biodegradable because of their bio-mimic properties,the use of natural and nature-identical ingredients are always a priority working in biological balance with our bodies.

All our colour and products are carefully procured and rigorously tested in the state of the art laboratories in the foothills of of the black Forest in Germany .



The new generation of the Keratin Treatment, BOTOX Gel from SOFTLISS is one of our long term partner brands .It continues to seduce a wider range of clientele for its performance, rapidity and lasting results, offering a multitude of options.

BOTOX gel is one of our signature treatments. BOTOX gel is the new generation of professional hair products for smoothing, softening and disciplining rebellious hair.. BOTOX Gel deals with the little hair imperfections, facilitating styling and adding unbelievable shine. BOTOX gel is quicker and cheaper than the conventional Keratin Treatment while still delivering lasting results when using the SOFTLISS Home Care SALT FREE Shampoo and Conditioner.



The most powerful system on the market.

*5 x Stronger than market competitors

*Long lasting results that don't wash out 

*Scientifically proven to improve the structure of hair


PCC restructures and conditions the hair during and after chemical treatments .It also completes the existing LA BIOSTHETIQUE  COLORATION SYSTEM .

Chemical Treatments such as bleach even gentle processes, work by changing the hair stucture and its protein structure.PCC special formulation is able to protect condition and restructure during those chemical process thus enabling very intense and more durable results of bleaching and colouration .

PCC is also part of our Home Hair Care range.